Världen, snälla


"This is an animal dying on a fur farm in China. It grew up in a barren cage the size of a newspaper, living off meat processing waste deemed unfit even for pet food production. When it reached adult size, it was yanked out of the cage and received a couple of blows to the head, after which it was hung upside down & slowly skinned alive. After the fur was pulled off over its head, the agonizing body was thrown onto a pile of carcasses, where it expired in the most horrible way you can (or should I say, can’t) imagine.

Besides bludgeoning, the killing methods on fur farms include gassing, electrocution, poisoning with strychnine, or breaking the animals’ necks. Most of these methods don’t exclude the possibility of the animal regaining consciousness while its fur is being… removed.

This is the true cost of a “fabulous”, “glamorous” fur coat or collar, not the amount of money on the price tag."

Sånt här får mig seriöst att börja gråta. Trots att jag inte är delaktig i detta så är det så fruktansvärt hjärtskärande. Jag känner mig som en fis i rymden som inte kan göra någonting. Vi måste påminna oss om att vi tillsammans kan göra mycket.


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